In Home Care

Hello Ladies,
Val Sellers is back in her home but has not regained her strength yet. Hopefully, through continued physical and occupational therapy she will. She is trying to determine what the next steps are for her living situation and continued care. Please pray that God would give her peace as he gives her wisdom to make these important decisions.
We will begin meals again but her first request is for in home assistance. She has windows of time that a caretaker is not available. Because of her lack of physical strength she needs assistance getting in and out of the bathroom.
Monday – March 12th 10am- 1pm
She is also looking for someone that might be able to spend the night in her condo on Monday night with her, 8pm-8am.
She is calling more home health services today to try and find a long term solution.
If you have any suggestions regarding home health or perhaps an excellent nursing home, please let me know.
Thank you,