Transportation and Needs of the Estevez family

Good Evening Ladies,

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful elderly couple on Friday afternoon from our church.

Elisa and Getulio Esteves have been married for 65 years!! Getulio fainted at home several days ago and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. He is now home and is doing very well.

They have three adult children but none of them live in St. Pete. Their daughter and one of their sons lives up north and the other son lives in north Tampa.

Getulio has a follow up appointment this Wednesday (9/28) with the cardiologist and they need a ride to and from that appointment. The appointment is at 10 am and is located in one of the professional buildings at Northside Hospital. Their home is near 78th Avenue North and 66th Street.

I believe Getulio has been diagnosed with the beginning stages of dementia and he is non verbal.

During our meeting I asked Elisa how else we might be able to help them. Their modest home is extremely clean and neat but she said she could use a little help with light household chores once in awhile.

If you are interested in helping them with transportation to upcoming appointments, please click here to view the new sign up that I created. I also listed a date for someone to go and visit them for encouragement and prayer.

If you are interested in helping with cleaning once in awhile, please reply to me to discuss the details (the day and time is very flexible).

I don’t know what the future holds for this couple, but I do know this is certainly an opportunity to serve a couple in need. I will communicate their needs as things come up.

Thank you,