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Good Morning Ladies,

We asked Luis how things were going with the new baby and as a proud papa would do these days, he pulled out his phone to show us pictures of his little princess. Below is a picture of his grandmother and his mom with he and the baby. As our conversation continued, he asked if Women of Heart would pray for their salvation and a growing relationship with Jesus. Anita and Adrianna are their names.

Many of us have loved ones that we want to spend eternity with but they have yet to put their trust in Christ. If you have a prayer request that you would like us to pray for, you can create a comment below. Click the Comment section and a text box will appear. To protect people’s privacy, please only use the first name or initials of your loved one. One you finish you may need to refresh the page to see your comment appear.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12


6 thoughts on “Prayer Request”

  1. Please pray for my sister Sheri to accept Christ. She actually believe that Jesus is a joke. Her life is up and down, and she takes something for depression, for energy and then something to help her sleep! She just NEEDS JESUS!

  2. Please pray for my family back home…..virtually all of them are unsaved, and only one (my dad) who claims to be lives in a way that reflects it. Especially my sons Charlie and Jake, to come to know the transforming power of Jesus in their lives.

  3. Please pray for my brother Richard and my great grandson Andrew. I am praying that they come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  4. Please pray for a close friend of mine, Ryan and my daughter F. They need to have the Lord open their hardened hearts so they can experience His grace mercy love and power to live.
    my grandson and i pray together about this, but i know there is power in prayer with a lot of prayer warriors out there! Thank you!

  5. Hello,
    Please pray for my future husband and me. We are getting married in March. He came from a family where they believe more in horoscope then in God. More I go to church he is getting more curious about it. He even went with me few times. He is struggling with his faith. I know that is in him but he is afraid. Please pray that God open his eyes and his faith grow as we step into this new thing called marriage. Thank you.

  6. Please pray for my 78 year old mother. She recently beat colon cancer only to have the cancer resurface in her liver. Treatment is not working but I know that with prayer, anything is possible. Please lift her up in prayer and the doctors attending to her.
    Thank you,

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