Naylor family in need

Good Morning Ladies,

Finnigan Naylor was admitted to All Children’s on Sunday. He will receive a CT scan to determine the extent of internal injuries. In the next day he may need to have surgery on his spleen.

His mother Janice is a single mom. She adopted Finnegan and Theodora as toddlers. They are now is elementary school. Janice is staying at the hospital with Finnegan and Theodora is staying with her aunt.

Here are their needs over the next few days:

*Someone willing to sit with Finnegan so Janice can go home for a few hours
*Rides to and from school for a few days while Janice is at All Children’s.
(She attends Classical Christian on 78th Avenue North near 49th Street. Their home is off of 38th Avenue and 25th Street.)
*Visitors to All Children’s
*A meal plate delivered to All Children’s for Janice

Please click here to see the list of needs and the details. It is similar to the meal site. You have the ability to put your name on the list, if you are willing to serve them in a specific way.

Above all else, please pray for their family. Janice has several health issues herself and the stress of this will have a great impact on her.

Thank you,