New Baby Meal Schedule

Good Morning Ladies,

Crystal Rodriguez created a meal schedule for one of her neighbors. This couple just had their first baby and Crystal asked a few friends to reach out and show the love of Christ by providing a dinner for the two of them. Here is what Crystal wrote to describe the situation:

Our unsaved (and unmarried) neighbors, Shane & Karesa, just had a precious baby boy. We have witnessed to them more than once and at this point are just loving on them. I brought them a meal tonight and asked her if she would be open to receiving additional meals from ladies at my church and she said yes!! So, if you feel led to minister to these new parents, please sign up by following the link. Most importantly, please PRAY that they would receive Christ!!!!

Karesa & Shane and their extended family members have marveled that strangers would want to deliver a meal to them. Click here to access the meal schedule details if you would like to participate. They live off of Tyrone Blvd near 9th Avenue North in St. Petersburg.

Thank you,