Current Needs August 13th

Hello Ladies,

At this time we are trying to help two elderly women.

Renee is an 85 year old woman from Calvary that was in a car accident. She has a few broken ribs and fingers. If you would like to provide her a meal, please click here. She is caring for her grandson this week while he is out of school. She said they normally go to McDonalds but she can not drive at this time because of the accident. She would be delighted if someone is willing to pick up McDonalds for them. She insists on paying for it!! Her home is near 54th Avenue North and 71st Street in St. Pete.

Evalea Peterson is still recovering from her back surgery. She has asked if anyone is willing to help her with her bedding. She needs the clean sheets put on. Please click here if you would like to provide a meal for her. Her home is in Mainlands (the neighborhood across the street from Calvary).

Thank you ladies.