Thank you!

Good Evening Ladies,

I have no idea who was able to help yesterday at Liza’s house but please know it meant so much to these ladies. Below is the email that I received.

Would you pass this on to the Women of Heart ministry please? My most heartfelt thanks for your servants’ hearts in ministering to Liza yesterday morning. Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with all who came out to clean up Liza’s yard, everyone worked so hard and it was so obvious that there was JOY in that work in all who came! I am amazed that a simple request for help from Liza and a simple request last Sunday in church resulted in at least 20 sisters and brothers and their children from both Living Hope and Calvary Chapel answering the call. Her yard looks nothing less than spectacular! Praise our Awesome God for putting together this group and orchestrating an AMAZING amount of work completed in just a couple of hours. Thank you Jesus from the bottom of my heart! Not only did Liza’s yard get completely cleaned up but Steve was able to fix a garage door problem and Jack repaired damage to her screening on her porch, cleaned out her gutters and did some sealing repairs on the ridge vent on her roof! Thank you for being the feet and hands of Jesus in blessing Liza this way! If I can ever be of help to you for someone in need in your lives it would be my greatest honor to be of service to any of you!

Eph 3:20 and Num 6:24-26!

Debbie Weber