Update regarding Malcolm

Here is the link to the families website for updates.


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Here is an update from Liza Weltman.

Malcolm is doing so much better. The family is relieved. He did have to have the surgery today but the result has been very encouraging. His Blood pressure is now staying down on its own and he is off the blood pressure medicine, a sign that there is much less build up of pressure inside his brain and that the procedure was necessary and successful. He has been more responsive to simple commands as well.

Now just continue to pray that no further swelling occurs and he continues to recover. It may be a few days before they will wake him up and extubate (remove the breathing tube) to see what deficits he has. At some point once he has stabilized I imagine they will repeat his MRI.

Please continue to lift up this precious family.

In Him,


When we create a schedule of help, I will send out an email. Thank you ladies for your continued prayer.