Prayer Requests

Good Evening Ladies,

I’ve received two more prayer requests:

The first one is from Gail.

My sister-in-law Donna in Virginia has ovarian cancer. She was in remission for a couple of years. Not so anymore. She has been in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks undergoing intense chemo treatments. It seems the treatment did not work. She is Catholic and I believe a church-goer but not saved. I would ask for prayer for her to come to Jesus Christ first, then for Jesus to take control of her health, to guide the doctors and to heal her if it is His will. This is a wonderful mother and grandmother who needs our prayer. Thank you so much.

The second one is for baby Ryan.

He was is a drowning accident on Saturday and is being treated at All Children’s Hospital. He and his parents were visiting in Sarasota. They are from Texas. Please pray for them, Susanne and Craig, and of course for Ryan.

Thank you ladies.