The Magin Meal Schedule

Hello Again,

I have added the September dates to the meal schedule for Todd and Marla Magin. Since there are so many new volunteers, it is worth repeating a little about their situation.

Todd was diagnosed a few years ago with systemic lupus. He was experiencing a lot of symptoms and the doctors were ruling out different diseases. His medical history is very complicated and he has been on such a roller coaster with this disease. His heart, lung and kidney function are not very good at times.

This family has been through so much over the last few years and we’ve tried to walk along side of them and help them in the most practical ways. They don’t have any family in town and they are so appreciative for their church family at Calvary.

I have been using another web site to organize their meal schedule. You can click here to access it directly. It is called You simply click on the “take” button next to the date that you would like to serve them.

The live near St. Judes on 5th Avenue North near 58th Street in St. Petersburg.