Transportation Need

A close friend of mine in my neighborhood has a transportation need.

Her husband was hospitalized several weeks ago and is now at the Freedom Square rehab center. She spends each day with him but she no longer drives. Each day my sister-in-law takes her to Freedom Square in the morning and picks her up in the evening.

She will be going on vacation in July. We do not know if he will still be at Freedom Square during this time but just in case we are looking for other ladies that are willing to drive her to Freedom Square at about 10 am each morning from July 7 thru July 18. Our family members will pick her up each evening.

Her home is on 30th Avenue North in St. Pete near 58th Street and Freedom Square is off of Seminole Blvd and Park Blvd.

If you may be interested, please reply and we will coordinate the details in the weeks to come.

Thank you,