Stradley Meal Schedule

Congratulations to Vale and Damian on the birth of their new baby girl! Avery Brooke was born today at about 4:20 pm. I will post pictures tomorrow after I visit the little bundle of joy! Mom and baby are both doing well.

We are going to try a little experiment with their meal schedule.

If you would like to take a meal to the Stradley family you will need to go to or click here – type in Stradley inside the search box and the password is 7777.

If there is a date that you would like to select, click on the word “take” on the right hand side of that row and type in your info – name, phone number and what you plan to bring. You will be able to see what other people have signed up and what they are planning to bring so that there are not too many duplicates.

If you have ANY questions or problems with using that site, please let me know.

Thank you,