Transportation Need

Good Morning Ladies,

One of our new volunteers may be in need of a ride next Friday, September 4th to and from the hospital.

Her name is Diane Jones and she is having an out patient procedure on her knee.  Her husband is a long distance truck driver and she is not sure if he will be back home by Friday to take her.  Just in case he isn’t, we are trying to have a back up plan.

She will need to be picked up in her home at 7:30 am.  She lives near 58th Street and 62nd Avenue North in Pinellas Park and her appointment is at Morton Plant (Clearwater).

One person can volunteer to take her and a different person can pick her when the procedure.

The pick up time may be around noon.  The hospital staff can call the pick up person when she is ready to come home.

Please reply if you’re interested in being part of the back up plan.

Thank you,