Prayer Request

Hello again Ladies,

I received a call yesterday regarding a family that we may be able to reach out to.  Until I’m able to work out the details, I would like to ask for prayer on their behalf.

Jennifer is the mother of four children ages 16, 11, 6, and 18 months old. She recently had to have a caesarean section to deliver a stillborn baby.  At her routine check-up for her incision, the doctor sent her immediately to the ER and she was admitted with a major infection. She was doing better a few days ago and was almost released from the hospital when the doctors found more infection. She went back into surgery and they cleaned out as much of the infection as they could.  Last night she was released and sent home with her wound open and a nurse will need to come in twice a day to drain it and change the dressing.

Please pray for her healing and for the emotions that the family must be feeling regarding the loss of the baby that she was expecting.

Thank you,