The Albonico Family


Hi all!

I am asking some folks to pray for our friends Robert and Angie Albonico. Their one year old son Micah has had some not so good test results lately. His platelets are very low and they are afraid that it may be Leukemia. Some of you know Micah is a Downs baby and has already endured a multitude of procedures, including heart surgery. They are scheduling a bone marrow test very some and it should give a more conclusive answer to the low platelets. Meanwhile, their daughter Taea is scheduled to see an orthopedic surgeon to discuss the feet issues AND Angie recently found out that she is pregnant! Initially she was carrying twins and had since lost one of them. So, I just want to ask that you would pray for them as the Lord leads.


Robyn Alfred


Just a quick update/FYI on the Albonico family, Baby Micah is having a bone marrow test Friday @ 1:45 pm. This test should be somewhat conclusive and will determine what will be next for them.

Thanks for your prayers!

In Him