Prayer Requests

Debbie Sherrod and her son Travis are in need of prayer. Travis has herniated the same disc’s twice. He’s not in pain any longer but he is in a top half body brace that he has to wear for the next 3 months. Please pray for healing.

A friend’s mom is having a pace maker put in tomorrow. They have asked for wisdom for the doctors and strength for her during the procedure and recovery.

Another one of our volunteers has a daughter that is pregnant with her first child. She is suffering from kidney problems and normal pregnancy stuff. Please pray for her fear. Her mom is praying that God would bless her with health, peace and joy so she can relax through the next 4 months of pregnancy.

Greg Lanning’s father, Don was admitted to the hospital due to blockage in his carotid arteries. One is 100% blocked and the doctors will have to do surgery. His condition is critical and they are running more tests to determine the best course of action.

Thank you,