Transportation Need – Gloria Mezera

Good Morning Ladies,

Gloria is recovering from open heart surgery and she has a few appointments in February that she needs a ride to and from.

I’ve attached a picture because some of you may recognize her.

I am looking for either one volunteer available to take and pick up Gloria from the appointment or two separate ladies; one to take and a different one to pick up and bring her home.

She lives off of Gandy Blvd in the Sunset Palms Mobile Home Park near U.S. Hwy 19.

The first appointment is on Monday, Feb. 12th.

Pick up – 9:15 am

Appt – 9:45 am

Location – Dr. Abel, 2639 9th Street North in St. Pete

The appointment will be at least an hour.  She can call your cell phone once her appointment is finished.

The second appointment is on Wednesday, February 28th.

Pick up – 10:00 am

Appt – 10:30 am

Location – Dr. Dassani, 620 10th Street North in St. Pete

You can reply to me and I’ll let you know what is still needed, if anything.

Thank you,