Good Afternoon Ladies,

Here are a few updates regarding the prayer requests and individuals that we have served recently.

Aiden Hawk – Praise Report – he is no longer on IV fluids. He is feeling much better right now.

Drew Lester – he continues to improve but his journey will be long. You can read Cassie’s journal www.caringbridge.org/visit/drewlester. The Lester’s lifegroup is coordinating meals for the time being and they will contact us when they need us.

Todd Magin – waiting to have the surgery to replace his pace maker. His health is not strong enough yet.

Kimberly Zemola – needs prayer for the pain due to her car accident from last fall. The doctors have told her she needs more surgery and since she is not able to work she is praying for God’s provision.

Brandy – She is the young mom that went into a coma after delivering her baby. Brandy is not local and not a Christian, but only the Lord knows what will come of this whole ordeal. Her mother-in-law definitely has had a huge change of heart when it comes to the power of prayer and she has seen the Lord work in a situation that has a 90% + fatality rate for the mother and 85% + fatality rate for the infant….both made it! The baby is perfectly fine and healthy and the mom, Brandy, is still having issues with getting and keeping her hemoglobin up but has finally improved to the point that they moved her into the room she was to originally been in after a normal birth. She is stable and able to care for the baby but struggling with breast-feeding since she started drying up already. She still needs continued prayer for complete healing and improved strength as she has no energy at all and has completely deconditioned. Also, for her hemoglobin to continue to increase to a normal level as she is still very low.

It is a praise report that Brandy is even alive and it is ONLY a miracle of God and answered prayer that was being sent from all over the country for her. What happened to her was a very rare occurrence and as I said, the fatality rates for both were so high it is nothing but a miracle they are both here at all! Also, usually if the mother does survive, she is affected neurologically and mentally, but she seems to not have issues with either so far! Thank you Jesus!!

Mr Russo – had bypass surgery and is recovering well. Please pray that he gain strength and that he will be able to quit smoking.

Thank you,