Prayer Requests

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I received two prayer requests and an update that I wanted to pass on to our group.

This is from Katherin….

I just wanted to ask you if we all could pray for my uncle Marco that found out last week has pancreatic cancer, the pronostics on this kind of cancer are 95% fatal, but I have the faith that if its God’s will a miracle can happen.
Thank you. God Bless You all.

This is from Maureen………

My brother in law  Tom had to have tests ran last week for his brain tumor.  We know very little right now but , when Tom first had the tumor they could not reach a portion of it because it would have paralyzed him.  Well that portion has branched out in two different spots and he has two new cysts on his brain, they are not sure if the cysts are fluid pockets. Right now he is at the Cleveland Clinic, we are waiting to hear more.  It doesn’t sound good but hopefully Tom will surprise us with a positive outcome once again!

This is from Kim regarding her grandson Isaac……….

Hello!  We wanted just to thank and encourage you and all that have been praying at Calvary
for our grandson Isaac.  He is doing well and is growing in weight and length.
We were visiting him Friday and talking to the nurse who gives us updates. When she
was telling us about how his tube in his bowel for drainage had gotten pushed in too far
and that they were going to put a safety pin on the outside to prevent it happening again
and as they were doing it, Isaac grabbed the pin and pulled the tube out, emptying stool , as if
by Divine intervention, she said, so that the poison was removed from his little body.  Praise
the Lord! They were assessing him for a colonoscopy but now it isn’t necessary as the drainage
is being directly deposited in a bag. Yeah!
We thank God for his care of Isaac and for your prayers. Bless you.